My name is Kim Schumann and I am an Animal Behavior College
Certified Dog Trainer and am also certified in Pet CPR and
1st Aid through Pets America. My commitment to this program
and my love of dogs has provided me with a formal education
in canine obedience training and animal behavior, as well as
it's motives. My certification, education, and experience
provide me with the skills to effectively and humanely
teach you to train your dog while keeping alive the spark
that makes your dog so special to you. I plan to continue my
education so that I can offer you the most current and accurate
information available. I also plan to continue to add new
services and activities as time goes by to keep you and your
furry friend educated and entertained.
If you're like me, your dog is a family member, as well as your
best friend. When you can't be home with them you want for
them to behave appropriately and to be safe, reguardless of if
they are inside of your home or in the backyard. That is exactly
what I do at DOGGIE DO OBEDIENCE SCHOOL is to teach you
how to be a GOOD LEADER and train your dog to be a GOOD DOG!
After all is said and done, if your dog doesn't respect you as his
LEADER your dog will still be making his own decisions, otherwise
referred to as "selective hearing", still engaging in PROBLEM BEHAVIOR
because these things might be a problem for you but to him they are
DOGGIE DO OBEDIENCE SCHOOL offers a wide variety of training
and related services for you and your furbaby. Lessons can be taught
here or at your home, depending upon what is more convenient for
you, focusing on the things that you want and need for your dog to
I believe that ALL dogs and their owners are ENTITLED to training
at a fair and reasonable rate and you will find that my prices reflect
that belief. I will not lock you into a contract and force you to buy
training that your dog does not need. You are free to continue with
training as long as you wish. I offer additional services for my training
clients as a convenience, to help make your life easier. I do this because
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to offer you the
best and most personalized service in the industry.
9 am-9pm
Contact me today to schedule services or for more information.
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